Code of Regulations of the Coffee Technicians Guild

Name | The name of this organization is "Coffee Technicians Guild" (the "Guild").

Offices | The Guild shall be administered from the offices of the Specialty Coffee Association (“SCA”).

Mission | Coffee professionals dedicated to promoting excellence in equipment service and developing qualified technicians through advocacy, education, and networking.  

Vision | To be the global voice for the coffee technician community.

Tag Line | “From wrench to cup”

Objectives - The Objectives of the Guild are to:

  • Promote QUALITY and EXPERTISE as the principle standard for success as it relates to technical service.

  • Present the craft and science of technical service as a professional occupation.

  • Further technicians’ skills and knowledge of any and all aspects related to coffee and espresso brewing equipment

  • Encourage interaction and communication among technicians, manufacturers and coffee professionals.

  • Focus the voice of technicians as their representative to the specialty coffee industry.

  • Recognize technicians that have achieved a high degree of skill and excellence in service.

  • Advocate linking quality services to best practices, quality workmanship, ethical conduct and an understanding of brewing dynamics.

  • Promote the networking and advancement of certified technicians.


  • Utilize the Guild's website, blog, newsletter, Chronicle, social media, Annual Summit andAnnual Exposition’s to achieve the Guild's objectives and purposes.

  • Maintain a Guild leadership in the form of an Executive Council that will oversee and guide the Guild, as well as develop new ways to achieve and improve quality.

  • Develop certificate/accreditation programs in areas of quality, education, and ethical business practices, under the supervision of SCAA and SCAE.

  • Conduct and facilitate educational opportunities for service technicians.

Membership Criteria for the Guild

  • Technical service shall be an integral part of a member's profession.

  • Submit an application and pay annual dues.

  • Possess a passion for coffee.

  • Desire to excel at the craft of technical service and a commitment to provide service excellence to the industry.

Last edited: November 5, 2016