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May 14-16, 2019 | Milan, Italy

The Coffee Technician Guild Summit is open to the global community. 
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Event Location

Gruppo Cimbali Headquarters / MUMAC Museum
Via Neruda, 2, 20082 Binasco
Milan, Italy

Hotel Accommodations
Hotel Il Castelleto
Via dell'Ecologia, 7, 20080 Casarile MI, Italy



Pricing & Options

Event Registration & Pricing
Early Bird pricing ends April 15, 2019

Coffee Technicians Guild & SCA Member: Early Bird €350 | Regular €450
Non-Member: Early €450 | Regular €550

For information on joining the Coffee Technicians Guild review the benefits here. If you are employed at a member company, you may be eligible for a complimentary individual membership that you can use to receive guild pricing. Read more about it here, and contact membership@sca.coffee for any questions. 

Price includes: Meals per schedule, transportation per schedule, access to workshops & lectures per registration selection. 

Price does not include: Airfare, Transportation (outside of schedule), Hotel Accommodation, Alcohol or Personal Expenses.

Hotel Accommodation Pricing
Hotel Rates (not included in ticket price):

Standard Single Room: €65 per night per person
Superior Single Room: €95 per night per person
Double Occupancy (Shared) Standard Room: €48 per night per person
Double Occupancy (Shared) Superior Room: €58 per night per person

DISCLAIMERS: All prices are per person. Registration is nonrefundable.  Payment must be made online. CTG Summit attendees may not market their product or services at this event.  All reservations are assigned by SCA and based on your registration price selection. Although roommate requests are accepted, they cannot be guaranteed. Rooms will not be assigned co-ed unless each party requests the other as a roommate. Sponsors and press must be approved to register.  Attendees must be 18 years old to attend.

Schedule of Events

All workshops are offered in English and Italian. You will have the option to select your preferred language choice during the registration process.

Tuesday, May 14
5pm - Welcome Cocktail & Badge Pick Up

Wednesday, May 15
9am - Coffee & Registration
9am - Hydraulics Foundation
9:30am - Welcome
10am - Session #1
1pm - Lunch & MUMAC Tour
2pm - Hydraulics Foundation cont.
2:30pm - Session #2
6pm - Dinner


Thursday , May 16
9am - Coffee  
9:30 - Session #3
12pm - Lunch & MUMAC Tour
1:30pm - Session #4
4:30pm - Closing Session


Introduction To The Multimeter (English)

A multi-meter can be an essential tool for technicians to use in both troubleshooting and quality control. This hands-on session will take detailed look at what multi-meters do, the difference in their design and function, and how to apply them in your day-to-day diagnosis of coffee equipment. Participants will review and apply both ohms and watts law, and make calculations using the tool. Students will also learn some of the most common tasks where a multimeter can be used.

Espresso Grinder Technology & Repair (English)

Stay in tune with some of the latest technology being utilized in the espresso grinder market. In this session, participants will get an in-depth review of common repair procedures and preventive maintenance for up to four different brands of espresso grinders from manufacturer representatives.

Practical Application Of The Multimeter (English)

Use your knowledge of the multi-meter diagnostic tool in this guided, hands-on workshop. Working in small groups, participants will use a multi-meter to complete common troubleshooting tasks on coffee equipment in several states of disrepair. Those participating in this workshop should either be familiar with the operation of a multi-meter, or attend Introduction To The Multimeter on the first day of this event.

The Future of Connected Coffee Technology (English)

Technology has changed the way that we connect and communicate with our homes, our appliances and other people. It is also changing the way we connect and communicate with the coffee equipment we use and service every day. Employing new connected technologies can alert service companies to errors, improve the consumer experience, benefit business analysis, and better the interaction between people and machines. This session will discuss the application of emerging technologies such as telemetry, bi-directional features, API and updated user interfaces.

A Curated History of Espresso Machines (English)

The Museum of Coffee-Making Machines, know as MUMAC, is one of the most comprehensive collections of coffee machines in the world. Commissioned by Gruppo Cimbali to celebrate their 100th Anniversary, the museum is home to more than 200 espresso and coffee machines of many brands. Participants in this session will receive a lecture and guided tour by the museum curator.

Water Treatment & Coffee Quality (English)

Dive into the chemistry of water treatment and how it effects all coffee beverages in this interactive session. Guided by the SCA Water Handbook, this workshop covers the basics of water chemistry and analysis; explores different treatment technologies; and demonstrates the sensory impact of water profiles on coffee experience.

Extraction Technologies & Skills (English)

For a coffee technician or engineer, it is important to know how to achieve the proper espresso extraction based on your customer’s needs. This skill is valuable when calibrating, testing and maintaining a machine. Knowing how to properly prepare an espresso also gives you the opportunity to give valuable information and training to your customer as you provide them with service. In this interactive session, participants will step into the role of the barista and have the opportunity to produce espresso from a selection of more than eight machines.

Hydraulics Foundation (English)

The Hydraulics Foundation course is designed to introduce participants to water’s path through coffee machines. The course will give students the fundamental knowledge and skill they need to identify, remove and replace common hydraulic components. Students learn about standard fittings and food-safe supply lines to use when connecting a coffee machine to a water supply line. The course will also cover fundamentals of thermodynamics and temperature relationships. The course includes a written and practical assessment. It is important to note that this course is designed for beginners with little knowledge of hydraulics in coffee machines and is not a mandatory prerequisite for higher levels of the Coffee Technician Skills Program Hydraulics module.

*This course is being offered in beta form and is limited to the first six registrants. Please do not register for this course if you have a mastery of the skills listed in the description. Participants will be asked to give extensive feedback regarding the course and assessments. In return, participants will be not be charged the typical certificate administration fee.


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