GearHead Event in Sacramento, CA on February 1

Attend the Upcoming GearHead Event in Sacramento

Steam is essential for making many of the espresso drinks we all enjoy. Join the Specialty Coffee Association and Coffee Technicians Guild on February 1st in Sacramento, California to learn about many of the common espresso machine problems surrounding steam production and distribution.

As one of the four main functions behind an espresso machine – steam is a critical backbone to a greater understanding of the whole espresso system. This class will take a hands-on approach, explaining how steam is generated in your espresso machine and will follow the path and problems incurred as the steam makes its way to your drink.

This class will also cover the differences between grinder burrs to increase understanding on the various burr types, metals and coatings to help technicians differentiate what burr is best for their customer's needs.

Nuova Ricambi USA is proud to sponsor this event and encourages you to join us on February 1st 2018 from 4:00-8:00pm!

Space is limited. Please contact CTG Executive Council Member Gene Lemos at to receive additional information and RSVP.