Member Spotlight: Ben Brown

Ben Brown

This year at the Global Specialty Coffee Expo we offered a raffle for a one-year membership to the Coffee Technicians Guild. Congratulations to our winner: Ben Brown of Nuova Simonelli!

We asked Ben a couple of questions to get to know him better.

Why are you excited about the Coffee Technicians Guild?

The CTG are my peers. It’s always nice to meet and be around like-minded folk, as well as to put faces to voices that I speak with so often.

What’s your favorite service call story?

Memorable to me is installing equipment at a fast food restaurant inside the hospital in San Juan, Puerto Rico. We had to use a gurney and go through the morgue to access the site. Always exciting! I am grateful that The Simonelli Group has provided me the opportunity to work in various parts of the world which has left me many unique and lasting memories.

How many years have you been a tech?

14 years.

What’s your favorite tool?

Fluke voltmeter with the Amp clamp.

Pro tip?

Unplug it, let all the steam out and turn the water off before servicing... and, keep it clean, yo!

Don’t go on a call without....?

My cell phone. At this point in my career, a lot of my service calls involve another tech on the other end of the line. Those are the critical calls, to me.