Member Spotlight: Adam Hunt

adam hunt.jpg

In the Industry Since: 2007
Drinking Coffee Since: 2007
Favorite Coffee Origin(s): Ethiopia, Kenya
Favorite Tools: Fluke T5-600, Ullman picks (great for rock-hard group gaskets), Bahco wrenches
Hometown: New York City

Tell us something about yourself:

Random fact: I used to travel a lot to play in Disc Golf tournaments. I would win about $10,000 every year from it.

How did you start working in espresso machine service? 

After roasting coffee in Oklahoma for several years, I packed my life into my car and moved to New York City. While trying to get a job roasting coffee, I made the mistake of admitting I know how to repair espresso machines. Everyone only wanted to hire me as a technician. So, I became a technician!

What field were you in before coffee? 

I've been working in coffee since I graduated from college.

What is gratifying to you about working in coffee?

The reach of coffee. It impacts so much; from morning routines to international politics.

What’s are the favorite aspects of the job?

The people, the variety, and getting to visit every part of New York City.

What drives you to do great work?

It takes a lot of effort to make good coffee. The farmer, importer, roaster, and barista have to do their jobs well. I make sure the equipment is worthy of the effort everyone else is putting in. 

Favorite repair trick? 

Whacking on a solenoid valve that is stuck because the Cafiza wasn't rinsed out of it.