Machine of the Month: 1967 La Marzocco Poker


Customer side


Operator side

Steam wands and levers


Bakelite brew switch


Eye of Sauron pilot light


Automatic hydro-compression groups (early industrial use of teflon)


Note the mercury P-stat and asbestos insulation (it’s like a superfund site in there)

  • The poker was made from 1964-1970, directly preceding the GS
  • Estimated production: 1600-1800 units (1, 2, 3, and 4 groups)
  • Electric heat exchanger boiler
  • The diaphragms are made of Teflon
  • The main advantage of this design was the use of steam to power the piston as opposed to cold inlet water.  Sort of a bridge between the previous generation of lever machines and the pump driven machines that came after. 
  • Very mid-century modern design, reminiscent of a Lincoln Continental
  • View the group in action via @cafelatco

Special thanks to Mr. Kent Bakke