End-of-Year Membership Update


By Hylan Joseph

2018: What a year!

We had a lot of visibility with booths and meetings at the Specialty Coffee Expo in April and World of Coffee in June, the largest CTG Summit yet in September at Wilbur Curtis, member-led Gearhead Events, and consistent, informative newsletter content that’s now featured on Daily Coffee News. Our Slack channel also grew with each new member of CTG and continues to be the resource for daily communication across a professional network of technicians.

Up ahead in 2019, we’ve got the next Specialty Coffee Expo and World of Coffee in Boston and Berlin, respectively, and several Gearhead Events planned in Berkeley, CA; Memphis, TN; and Kansas City, MO; and more currently in development.

You, the membership, elected diverse and engaging new members of the Leadership Council from around the world that are going to help create added value and serve as resources for all of us.

The best part of 2019? We’re putting the finishing touches on our most anticipated benefit- the education program. We wouldn't be this close without the support of our membership and committed volunteers! Thank you all! We can't wait to unveil this incredibly important resource in 2019.

Thank you members for an awesome 2018. We’re looking forward to an exciting new year for the Coffee Technicians Guild. The Leadership Council wishes you and yours a great holiday season.