Member Spotlight: Marco Serri

Marco Serri.png

In the Industry Since: 2016

Drinking Coffee Since: I drank my first coffee when I was 12, twenty years ago. I was at home and my father prepared it for me. The typical Italian coffee after lunch. During university I drank many coffees, 6 or 7 per day. But I really started to appreciate the coffee only 2 years ago, when I entered in the specialty coffee world. From that point I began to have a more scientific approach and to understand the difference between a good coffee and a low-quality cup. It was a shock!

Favorite Coffee Origin: I love the sweetness of Ethiopian coffee.

Favorite Tools: Allen keys

Hometown: Castelraimondo, a very small village in the heart of Italy. 

Tell us something about yourself: After graduating as Electronic Engineer at the University of Ancona I started my career in the coffee industry in 2016 as technical engineer in the customer care department of Nuova Simonelli, now Simonelli Group. I have played football for a long time on my hometown football team. I think traveling is the only way to open one’s mind and to increase the culture of the people. 

How did you start working in espresso machine service? It’s was an amazing situation. Before entering the coffee industry, I worked for another company, in a different field. Near my town there is one of the most important companies in coffee machines, Simonelli Group. So, I have seen one position, a very interesting position in this company and so I sent my CV. After several interviews I entered in this wonderful family. Now I work as technical support and as after sales manager.

What field were you in before coffee? I worked for 4 years in the automation industry as project manager and business development manager. We created production lines and robotic applications. 

What is gratifying to you about working in coffee? The coffee world is very huge, and the coffee community is bigger too. My career has brought me to many countries creating technical trainings and promoting the new technologies in the coffee world. I am involved in writing service manuals and in the creation of useful material for the technicians. I am always at the disposal of the technicians to help them out with their daily tasks when needed with the best empathic approach. For me it’s important to solve every situation and to find the best and fastest solution: each situation is like a challenge for me.

What are your favorite aspects of the job? Every day is different! Our job is not boring and can be unpredictable. It’s fundamental for me to create a relationship with my customers and to work with them. I am an engineer, but I love to be in close contact with the people. This job is perfect: I can use my technical knowledge, not in the laboratory but with the people. I love to share information and coffee knowledge and to understand the different coffee culture around the world.

What drives you to do great work? I’m serious and I work without any time limits. For me it’s important, and the company wants this from me, to be customer’s oriented. It’s exciting to fix all the issues and to meet many new people. 

Favorite repair trick? What about the trick? In my opinion is important to have a strong and solid theoretical base. Later I always “listen” the machine and the sound from it: the only way to solve any issue fast and reducing the wasted time.