Member Spotlight: Shad Baiz


Shad Baiz is a second-generation espresso machine technician. In his youth, he worked in Seattle for his father at Visions Espresso Services and Espresso Northwest, and for Kent Bakke and John Blackwell at ESI. While completing college, Shad worked for Karl Clauda at Espresso Express, where he serviced the Northern California market. In 2000, Shad founded Solutions Espresso Services in San Diego, servicing San Diego and Orange Counties. Shad works with La Marzocco as Western Regional Support Specialist. He supports the after sales department, but is based out of San Diego, so can support the southern California region, leading training sessions and other customer engagement.

Tell us a random fact about you.
I have crossed the equator twice on ships.

How did you start working in espresso machine service? 
I am lucky enough to be a second-generation service tech, so I got started doing summers in the family shop.

What field were you in before coffee? 

What is gratifying to you about working in coffee?
The people, their passion, and their willingness to put it all on the line. You meet so many people who have stepped out of their comfort zone to be a part of the coffee industry. They have wonderful stories, gifts and talents to offer, and coffee is rich for it.  

What’s are the favorite aspects of the job?
Butterflies in your stomach as you walk through the door of a busy account that is down. The satisfaction as you walk out the door of the same account who is now up and running.  

What drives you to do great work?
The understanding that my customers livelihood depends on my preparedness and competency.

Favorite repair trick? 
Using a rubber hose in my ear to find small steam leaks. It works, but it is my favorite because of the looks you get from Baristas and café customers.