How the Coffee Technician Skills Program Is Being Created

By Nick Terry and Ben Helt

The Coffee Technician Skills Program will offer a Foundation, Intermediate, and Professional level course in each of these six modules: Coffee Machines, Hydraulics, Electrical & Electronics, Cleaning & Preventive Maintenance, Operations Management, and Coffee Preparation. Each module has a Content Creator Group consisting of volunteers working with peers to develop curriculum, written exams, practical exams, resource materials, course summaries, venue requirements, pre-course checklists and more. Much of this work has already been completed in each of these modules, but there is still more to do.

Content Creator Groups should have a representative balance including geographic location, age, gender, career position, subject matter expertise, and training experience.

  • Content Creators will be recognized in several ways, including attribution of authorship; listings in online and printed materials; signage at events; and an annual badge program noting their years of service.

  • Participants should expect to give 10-15 hours per month, especially in the genesis stage of the program.

  • The current plan is to beta-test two foundation courses at the CTG Summit that will be held in Milan, Italy this May.

We are currently recruiting content creators in each of the six modules, if you are interested in learning more please contact Ben Helt at

If you have the time to commit and the willing to contribute the work, please complete this form.