August 2019 CTG Membership Update


Hello Coffee Technicians Guild,

The Membership Committee has been busy this summer working with various manufacturers to get membership discounts for products and gain access to internal training, working with local tech companies and roasters to host guild events, and patiently watching our new educational pathway develop and unfold for fall.

We have several Gearhead Events planned in the next few months and we will announce the details once things have solidified. We are currently looking for companies to sponsor events in the mid-west and east coast. If you are interested, please see the link below for hosting and event. The goal is to have at least 8 member driven events a year. Learn more and get involved.

As some of the members are already aware, I’ve been reaching out to individuals just to touch base, see how the membership experience is going, and understand what we can do to improve the experience and add value to your membership. The point of this conversation with members is to get member input in creating an operational framework so we address member needs and expectations moving forward. I encourage you to reach out to me personally at and share your Guild experience with me and my group so we can build a strong framework moving forward.

Thank you for all the positive feedback on newsletter content, the membership committee is striving to constantly improve newsletter content and add further content to all our social media channels. One of the benchmarks of our Guild is membership participation. So if you have content, photos or anything you would like to share, please submit it here.

In the coming months you will see some exciting announcements about future events and summits and a fantastic new educational pathway. We’re looking forward to a great rest of the year and are counting on member involvement to help us grow and become a greater Guild.


Hylan Joseph