Member Spotlight: James N. Weiler


In the Industry Since: 2003

Drinking Coffee Since: 1995

Favorite Coffee Origin: Kenya. Stumptown's House Blend is also my current favorite.

Favorite Tools: Metric box wrenches and multi bit screw driver (11 in 1)

Hometown: Russell, Massachusetts

Tell us something about yourself: I play drums and I love rock and roll.

Sunday morning album: Harvest by Neil Young

How did you start working in espresso machine service? A job opened at Intelligentsia in 2005.  I heard about tech department and started working with Jim Karr.  

What field were you in before coffee? I was an arborist and tree climber and fixed the trucks for a tree company out in Massachusetts.

What is gratifying to you about working in coffee? The ability to do a great job fixing roasters and having the ability to work on old roasters. Taking care of equipment and building knowledge base of how to service equipment.

What are your favorite aspects of the job? Knowing that the company I work for has a good reputation. They have a great relationship with farmers really understand the product and it’s a great atmosphere. The people you work with are important and the coffee has to be good.

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