September 2019 CTG Membership Update

Fall is my favorite time of year. Temperatures start to drop, leaves all turn to rich hues of red, yellow and orange, and I get to unpack my fantastic sweater vest collection. But what I really like about fall is that it is our busy season. Students return to school, parents wake up from the summer haze, and they all need coffee. As it gets colder, we get busier.

Fall is a season of change, and in the Coffee Technicians Guild, it is our time to elect new executive council members. The current executive council has done a great job during their two-year term. The exiting council members’ work has been extremely appreciated and I hope they will continue to help grow the guild.

One of the Leadership Council Members who is finishing their term is Shad Baiz. Shad is the primary reason that this guild exists. Early on, Shad was one of the primary drivers in ensuring that the guild moved forward with our fearless liaison from the SCA, Mansi Choksi, who was instrumental in the initial formation of this guild. Mansi guided us through the ins and outs of how to set it up and get it moving. 

In 100 years, when we have 10,000 members –including a branch on Mars and Pluto – my hope is there is an eco-friendly statue of Shad with a portafilter and a spanner in his hands at the inter-global guild office.

Thank you, Shad, for your contribution and hard work.  

We have an exciting quarter ahead of us. Elections are coming up to fill five positions for the executive council - view the slate of candidates here. We also have several member-sponsored events coming up, as well as the CTG Summit in Houston the first weekend in November. We’ve got a full spectrum of workshops and lectures planned.

Hoping to see you in November!

Hylan Joseph